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Hi There, I’m Kai!

Artist. Designer. Art supplies addict. Anime lover. Manga devourer. Geek. Gamer. Stick shift driver. Coffee shop doodler, plein air painter, streamer, educator and content creator.  Always exploring. Always learning.

I live in beautiful Toronto, Canada where nature and it’s urban theme add up for perfect blend of inspiration.
Throughout my life I’ve been fortunate to always be surrounded by great creative minds who sparked my interest and scattered it in multiple directions. With years, many of these creative sparks became the rhinestones on the tapestry of my creative work and life.
Originally from picturesque Kiev, Ukraine, I studied studio arts from early years, attending both formal art schools as well as being tutored by some of Ukraine’s renown artists. After moving to Canada I’ve additionally expanded my studies into digital arts, design and 3D animation.
Today I work in a variety of mediums and styles, with my primary medium of choice being watercolor. I adore it’s fluidity, unpredictability, chaotic harmony and freedom. My style is both contemporary and eclectic. It is a playful mix of Europe meeting East as I am constantly inspired by my longing for beautiful old streets of Europe and love of Japan.


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